The top quark is the heaviest known elementary particle and its precise
study is likely to shed light on more fundamental physics at the
shortest distance scales. The latest advances in both the theoretical
description and experimental measurements of processes involving top
quarks will be presented this morning.

This will be followed by the discussion of the latest experimental and
theoretical progress in the study of transitions among the various known
quark flavors  as well as quark Рantiquark asymmetries. This very
active field is particularly interesting both because of its relevance
to our understanding of the observed cosmological matter – antimatter
asymmetry, as well as since several intriguing yet non-conclusive
experimental deviations from standard theory predictions in several key
observables have been reported in the recent years.

The program will be complemented in the afternoon with reports on the
latest results coming from experiments studying conversions among the
different known flavors of charged leptons as well as from precision
experiments studying other flavor and fundamental symmetry related

The latest LHC results in the studies of very hot quark and nuclear
matter reminiscent of the conditions in the very early universe are also
expected today.

Finally, reports on our current understanding of the cosmological dark
matter as well as the latest advances in the quest for its experimental
detection will complete the days proceedings.