Goriška brda

We’ll visit Goriška brda, one of the most famous wine regions of Slovenia and the biggest Slovenian wine cellar »Goriška Brda«. First we will visit old picturesque village Šmartno. Before cellar visit and wine tasting we’ll enjoy lunch in the restaurant of the medieval castle in Dobrovo.  Return to Ljubljana in the midst of the afternoon or later.


Goriška brda is a hilly micro region in western Slovenia and northeastern Italy. It lies on the right bank of the Soča (Isonzo) river, north and west of the Italian town of Gorizia, after which it is named. We call this region Slovenian Tuscany, while hills are panted with vine, peaches, olive trees…

In Dobrovo there used to be an old castle, which fell to ruin in the course of the centuries. In its place a new renaissance building emerged in the beginning of the 17th century. The original castle has been conserved in relatively the same shape and is today one of the nicest in the Goriška region.

The layout shows that the castle is almost a regular square with symmetrically set towers at the corners. The walls were probably built during the Second Venetian War (1615 – 1617) and were rearranged into the corridor with the arcades after the war. One of the towers was changed into the chapel, dedicated to the Saint Anthony from Padua (Sv. Anton Padovanski). The chapel houses a permanent exhibition of gothic frescoes – originals and copies taken from other churches in the area of the North Primorska region.

Dobrovo Castle
Photo: http://www.brda.si