The morning session will be opened by prof. Alan Guth with a technical review of our current understanding of the Universe. This will be followed by the latest news coming from experiments measuring the cosmic microwave background and probing the nature of the cosmological dark energy.

Cosmological themes will continue after a short break, when we will hear about the latest measurements of high energy cosmic rays (including charged leptons, hadrons, nuclei, photons and neutrinos) and the implications these have for our understanding of the structure and dynamics of visible and dark matter within our galaxy and beyond.

The afternoon session will be mostly devoted to the short oral presentations of the best submitted conference posters by prospective young scientists. However, there will also be several status reports including one on the progress of the prospective next high energy particle collider, the International Linear Collider, which will accelerate and collide pairs of electrons and positrons in order to study the properties and processes of the Higgs boson to unprecedented precision. The final talk of the day, devoted to education and outreach in high energy physics will be delivered by Kate Shaw, the recipient of this year’s European Physical Society Outreach Award.