Brief summary – Saturday

The last day of the conference was devoted to plans for the future. The first section dealt with tools, accelerators and detectors for the next generation of experiments. Philipp Roloff and Michael Benedikt, both from CERN, have reviewed two different types of accelerators, a linear collider of electrons and positrons, and a circular collider for protons with energies that are almost ten times larger than at the Large hadron collider (LHC) at CERN. Marcel Demarteau from the Argonne National Laboratory (US) presented the progress in the development of new types of detectors for the next generation of experiments in elementary particle physics.

Two talks, by Ken Long (Imperial College London) and Yoshihide Sakai (KEK), discussed the planned experiments with neutrinos and in flavour physics, where Slovenian researchers are heavily involved. The highlight of the program of the last day was certainly the very last talk of the conference by John Ellis (King’s College, London), who summarized the results presented at the conference from a wide perspective of a scientist with important contributions to most research areas of the conference.