Lepton Photon 2015

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The International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies is a biennial conference series sponsored by the International Union on Pure and Applied Physics.  The 27th  edition of the series is hosted this year by the University of Ljubljana and the Jozef Stefan Institute and will take place at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The Lepton-Photon series is the major High Energy Physics event under the auspices of IUPAP C11 Commission on Particles and Fields, alternating biennially with ICHEP. The latest symposia in this series took place in San Francisco, Mumbai, Hamburg, Daegu and Uppsala. The timing of the event is unique as the Run2 of the LHC should be well under way with about 1/fb per experiment of proton collision data at 13 TeV collected. Should Nature be gentle to us, we might be looking forward to a major discovery. But even in absence of the optimistic scenario, the first physics results on the highest energy collisions will be awaiting us !

The conference programme is traditionally based on invited plenary reviews. The session topics comprise:

– Highlights of LHC Run 2
– BEH Boson
– Beyond SM
– EW Physics
– Neutrinos
– Top Quark
– Flavour Physics
– Heavy Ions
– Dark Matter
– Inflation, CMB and Dark Energy
– Astroparticle Physics
– Future Facilities

To foster attendance of the younger generation scientists, this occurrence shall pay special attention to the poster presentations. They shall be on display during all the breaks of the entire conference, the presence of a pre-announced  presenters required at two of the breaks. In addition, six posters selected by the International Advisory Committee will be offered a plenary presentation in the regular conference schedule. All the posters will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference together with the plenary reviews.


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